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Interpret Your Dreams in 3 Simple Steps!

  • Learn how to simplify & understand your dreams in 3 simple steps.
  • Discover how & why God speaks symbolically.
  • Gain peace, hope, and insight for troubling dreams, such as nightmares and sexual dreams.
  • Find hidden treasures in your dreams - even from the dreams you don't think have meaning.
  • Learn "Jedi Dream Tips" that will make your dream interpretation journey quicker and more fun!
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Teresa Ward has traveled to over 26 countries interpreting thousands of dreams and helping people understand how God specifically speaks to them.

Teresa is an author, international speaker, instructor, and podcaster, who is constantly finding unique and interactive ways to simplify complex spiritual truths. She is a dynamic speaker and communicator and believes more is caught than taught. Her events and in-depth Dreamology Courses are filled with fun and packed with hands-on experience as opposed to lecture-style teaching. She gives you the tools to do it yourself. Her apps and podcasts have reached over 35 countries so far.

Teresa is a trusted spiritual adviser and she has interpreted thousands of dreams for people in many walks of life, including housewives, pastors, famous musicians and celebrities, business leaders, politicians, brain surgeons, and more. She has appeared on TV, Radio, and Podcasts, and has written several articles and books.

Teresa takes the guess work out of dream interpretation and makes the process simple, propelling others into a closer relationship with God.


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