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Teresa Ward

Teresa has walked closely with God since 1994. In 2003, after a traumatic event in her life, the Lord propelled her into the realm of dreams. She went on to become a certified dream interpreter and certified instructor for John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries and taught for them for four years.

God launched her into her own ministry in 2007, and gave her the name Above & Beyond. He shared with her that not only does He want people to know He is an above and beyond God, but that He desires for His people to live and love above and beyond - that integrity is more important than skill, anointing, or gifts.

Teresa is the author of Gateway to Dreams - 3 Simple Steps to Dream Interpretation. She is the host of the Podcast, “Gateway to Dreams - Exploring and Simplifying Dreams God’s Way” . Teresa is an ordained minister and an international speaker. She hosts conferences, classes, seminars, and spiritual retreats and is now launching a new online Dream Force Academy.

Teresa has been on TV, radio, and has had articles published in magazines, blogs, and books. Her passion is to reveal the amazing love of God to people and provoke and propel them into an intimate spiritual journey with God where they will discover their true spiritual destiny.


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