Babies in Dreams and What They May Symbolize

Jun 04, 2024

Have you ever been surprised or paralyzed after waking from a dream where you were pregnant or had a baby? It can be quite exhilarating or incredibly shocking.

I will remind you that things in dreams are usually NOT literal and are almost always metaphorical.

When we think of babies, we think of new things being birthed. These could be jobs, ministries, relationships, areas of responsibility, new beginnings, new ideas, etc. Babies are new responsibilities, so they often represent areas of new responsibilities in your life. 

Babies can also represent a maturity level, such as a “baby Christian” meaning someone who has just been “born again” spiritually, or someone you are spiritually nurturing. It may also refer to mentoring someone who is new at something – like a job, a volunteer position, etc.

If the baby is our own child, it may very well represent them - especially if we have concerns or issues concerning them. However, over the years, I have personally found that our own children usually represent a spiritual gift or special ability, talent, or skill that God has given us because babies are "a gift" from God. For instance, when my oldest son appears in my dreams, he often represents dream interpretation.

If you are in labor with a baby, it may indicate there’s something in your life that is taking a lot of effort. You are laboring over something, and God is about to help you birth or deliver it. Back labor may indicate pain from the past (the back can represent the past).

Being pregnant can indicate that you have expectations or that you are expecting something. It may also reveal that God has put something in you that He will bring to its purpose in God’s timing.

Sometimes in the dream, we know how far along in the pregnancy we are, say 8 months, or how many months we have left until delivery. This may be a hidden indicator of timing, or you may find meaning by looking up the definition of the specific number. For instance, 8 can mean the number of new beginnings or perhaps it's something that has been in the works for 8 months.

Being pregnant may also be a word picture for something that you need to come to terms with (We say "full term" when someone goes into labor in the 9th month).

Twins may reveal that something you have been expecting is actually going to be more than you anticipated. It may also mean something will definitively happen (The number 2 can represent established). Twins may also represent two separate areas of responsibility that are similar.

A premature baby may reveal that the timing of something is premature and it would be better to wait or it may not be a healthy decision.

Recently I had a dream with a baby who had Down Syndrome. In the context of the dream, it represented someone who was a spiritual baby (someone who had not yet matured in their faith) who was struggling with depression, or "being down" syndrome. 

A mentor of mine in dream interpretation, John Paul Jackson, had a dream once - and only as can happen in a dream, he was pregnant, in painful labor and had to have a C-Section. The Lord revealed to him it meant he would "birth" "Seers" (c-section) and it would not be easy - it would take a lot of painful laboring. 

An abortion in a dream may symbolically represent that something has been stopped, cancelled, or  prevented from happening. Just as in the natural, God is against abortion because He creates life, so the dream is probably indicating that stopping whatever the abortion symbolizes, should not happen and something should be allowed to continue. This could symbolically represent aborting an opportunity, stopping the pursuit of what you're created to do, aborting a marriage that you should persevere in, etc. 

Whether the babies are a girl or boy will also give you further insight into the dream. The age of babies in dreams can often reveal the length of time something has existed, such as an area of responsibility, a relationship, etc.


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