The Bean Sprouts, Spirulina, and Micro-Greens Warning Dream

Sep 05, 2023

I had this dream on August 10, 2023. 

I was observing in this dream. I was shown a kitchen sink. At the top of what I was looking at was liquid Spirulina, on the right were micro-greens, and a deep stainless steel kitchen sink was full of bean sprouts. 

The first thing I was shown was that the Spirulina had not been kept refrigerated and half of what was in the vial was gone. I knew that it was poisonous and could harm you.

I then saw the Micro-greens. I knew the tops were ok, but in spite of the container saying it did not need to be washed, in actuality, it needed to be thoroughly washed and the bottom parts needed to be cut off if you were going to eat it. I began washing them diligently. I saw that as you pulled the compacted Micro-greens out of the container, it fluffed up and expanded and below the Micro-greens, there were TONS of bean sprouts. It was as though they were making it look like micro-greens, but in reality, it was mostly bean sprouts.  

I then saw a sink full of bean sprouts and I knew they were incredibly harmful, and no one had any idea that it was wreaking havoc and causing major health issues. 

After I was shown the bean sprouts, to the left I was shown a cell that was zoomed in to see the smallest parts of the cell. The cell was a circle and inside the circle were hundreds of other circles. Of those hundreds of circles, there were about 6 solid red circles and I knew they were really bad. I knew they represented poison and they were incredibly harmful. I also knew the cell was intentionally poisoned. 

I was then in a hallway with a huge medical book in my hands, only it was made of magazine glossy paper. It was about 12" tall by about 9" wide, and it was an inch thick. 

There was a girl who was a Vegan in the hallway and she didn't want hear that bean sprouts were poisonous because she loved them and didn't want to stop eating them. I told her I saw the red cells in the Spirulina and the bean sprouts.

I pulled out the "magazine" medical book and as she ran away down the hall, I yelled, "JUST READ ABOUT IT!" I knew she wouldn't and I knew she was having major health issues that were caused by eating bean sprouts and Spirulina and she was about to come to the end of the hallway.  <End of Dream>



To give you a backdrop before I discuss a possible interpretation, I was about to purchase the detox shots at a wholesale store that had Spirulina in them. Ironically, when I tried to renew my membership card with a coupon I had, it wouldn't go through and it took 2 days to process! In that two days, I had this dream warning me NOT to purchase those detox shots. God is amazing! Sometimes our delays and inconveniences are for our protection.

I also had begun eating Micro-Greens because they hold 5x the nutrients of normal greens. The package I got them in said no need to wash, because I think they were grown indoors and there would be no pesticides.


Fast forward to the dream and it's possible interpretation:

The Spirulina, micro-greens, and bean sprouts were in and around a kitchen sink. Kitchens in dreams usually reveal a need to be or get "prepared" for something. We "prepare" food in a kitchen.

Stainless steel is silver. There are 3 Hebrew words for silver and they all refer to money [Strong's Concordance #'s H3701, H3702, H7192]. There are 5 Greek words in the New Testament and they represent money, idolatry, redemption, and vessels - implying people [Strong's Concordance #'s G693, G394, G695, G696, G1406].

I believe the stainless steel sink represents the enemy coming to "STEAL", kill, and destroy, intentionally creating health issues to kill people and to "steal" their money. They have intentionally created a crisis for the love of money, just as Judas sold out for 30 pieces of "silver".  

The sink can also symbolically be a vessel and represents health issues IN OUR VESSEL (the silver sink). In God's amazing love, He wants to "redeem" the situation, and He gave us a warning to protect our "vessels".  Some are in "idolatry" and worshipping, so to speak, the Vegan diet and the things in the earth instead of the one who created it. As a result of their idolatry and selfish desires, they will ignore the warning and will suffer major health issues because of it. 

I believe the dream reveals the detox shots are not kept refrigerated the entire time and perhaps something toxic happens to it if it's not refrigerated. It's also probably only 1/2 the potency (1/2 was gone), in addition to Spirulina being poisoned at the cellular level like the bean sprouts. 

I feel the micro-greens may be ok, but only if you diligently wash them AND cut off the stems because that is where the poison the root level. 

There seems to be a connection with the micro-greens and bean sprouts. If I were just brainstorming, perhaps it's the same "hidden" thing below the surface at the root level and it's poisoned. It may even be at the cellular level of the seeds. they grow it in the same soil that is poisoned. I do not have a definitive answer why there were bean sprouts beneath the micro-greens, but it was definitely something hidden and people only saw the tops.  

I feel the bean sprouts are the MAJOR warning in this dream. The dream indicates there is toxicity at the cellular level we know nothing about and it's causing major harm that we are unaware of. 

The medical book that was 12"x9" and made of glossy magazine paper an inch thick may reveal that there is medical research that has been "glossed" over and not paid attention to. 12 usually represents governmental authority, and 9 usually represents judgment, finality, concealment, truth, and the fruit of the Spirit. There were about 6 red poisonous circles inside the cell. 6 is the number of man or labor. I think this represents a man-made crisis.

The ninth Hebrew letter is tet, or sometimes thet or tes.  It has the numerical value of nine. The pictograph of nine is a basket with an inverted rim.  It is also described as a snake coiled inside a basket. Some pictures of the letter tet, interestingly, is a serpent-tailed man crowning himself. 

I believe the magazine medical book represents "MEDICAL SSUES" (magazines are "issues") that have been "concealed" because there are those who are intentionally causing evil issues that could quite possibly cause death ("finality") and they are "snakes crowing themselves as the authority"  and all for the love of money.

The urgent instruction I gave the Vegan was to "JUST READ ABOUT IT!". I believe if you research it you will discover the harmful affects of the poisoned bean sprouts. 

Interestingly, after I initially warned people on social media about bean sprouts, someone said they just watched a documentary on Netflix called, "Poisoned" and they said BEAN SPROUTS WERE THE WORST! I have not yet watched it, but intend to. 

I pray you heed the warning because God is good and loves you so much that He sent this warning dream to protect you.

As always, ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth. If anything I've interpreted doesn't feel correct, don't receive it. My job is to share my dream and brainstorm on possible interpretations, but it's the Holy Spirit's job to lead us into all truth (John 16:13 When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future.) Always make sure not to just take the word of a person, but in all things, acknowledge the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide you into the truth.  

If you feel this is an important message, please share it with those you know. You just  might save them from major health issues. 


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