Dreamology 1.0

Oct 31, 2022

We are excited to announce our first course, Dreamology 1.0. 


What if I miss some days, need to jump on the classes late or leave early?
Jump on when you can! You can jump on late, leave early or, though I don't recommend it, miss altogether. The classes are being recorded and will be sent to you for playback at your own pace. 

What if I am in a time zone that is across the world?
Do what you can! If the demand grows and there is a significant number of people in a significant time zone change from Eastern Time, (like 7+ hours) I will begin to do live classes in another time zone that benefits you!

What if I cannot attend live, but I have questions I want answered?
While it is much more beneficial to attend live to receive the full impartation and participate, we understand schedules vary and things come up. You can post your questions in our private Facebook group for students. I will check the questions everyday and address them in the next Q&A session. I will not leave you hanging! I am here to serve you and be your biggest cheerleader :) 

How does registration work?
You simply go to the PayPal link and pay whatever you want to pay until midnight, November 7th. If it is after that, you must pay $89. Once you've paid, you will get an email the next day with a Zoom link to use for the live, online class. You will need to download Zoom onto your device, so I recommend doing that as soon as possible. 

We will also include a link into a private Facebook group for students only. I will be coming on live daily to encourage you and get your questions before we begin classes so I can make sure to cover them during the course Q&A time.

If you ordered ON October 31st, the official "Kick the devil in the face" day, you will also receive "Dream Gems" - a booklet in pdf form that has the top 10 symbols in each of 22 categories - and the booklet contains over 400 symbols. You will receive that at the close of the course. 

You will want to watch your email because I will be sending out important info in advance and you never know when I will have a rewarded challenge or a free gift tucked inside!



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