Plots to Kill and Imprison Trump - Warning Dream - Need to Pray!

Jul 17, 2022

On the morning of Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, I had a series of dreams. Two of them mentioned the day, "Thursday". I will go into what that may mean metaphorically as well as literal possibilities. 

The first dream was very brief, but a clear warning to pray for President Trump. The dream will be in purple and the interpretation in red.

{Dream} I saw President Trump in a black body bag and it was zipped up to his neck. He was still alive, but saying nothing. I knew he was divorced and they were taking him to prison by Thursday. Someone tells me it happened like I said. {End of Dream}. 

[Possible Interpretation]
I feel this is a warning dream that there are plots to kill President trump (the black body bag) and imprison him (on his way to prison) in order to shut him up (he wasn't saying anything and the bag was being "zipped up"... there is a saying to "zip your lip", meaning to shut your mouth. They may also believe they "have it in the bag" and have "zipped it up tightly", meaning they think they will get away with their plans). 

The very next day after dreaming this, I shared this dream with a friend to gain some wisdom and direction before releasing. Later that day, which was THURSDAY, she sent me a link from a news story that said, "Report: Iran Plots to Kill Trump". SHE WAS THE "SOMEONE" WHO TELLS ME "IT HAPPENED JUST LIKE YOU SAID". So in this case, I think Thursday was literal regarding the attempt to kill. Thursday metaphorically may represent God's grace because it's the 5th day of the week and the number 5 can sometimes represent grace.

When searching Google, July 14th, which was the next day, a THURSDAY, it said, "We celebrate Pandemonium Day on July 14th - a celebration of bedlam and chaos. Often our normal lives take a 180 degree turn for the worse with unpredictable disruption and chaos." ...How wicked is that?!

The reason, I believe, the portion of the dream that mentioned, "It happened just like you said," was to let me know the seriousness of the warning and to release them immediately.

Here's another crazy parallel about the day, "Thursday". Before the year 950 in Norse mythology, it was considered "Thor's Day"...Thunder day! Isn't it interesting the new Thor movie just came out on July 8th and it's called "Love and Thunder".

Here's some of the description of the new Thor movie: Love and Thunder finds Thor on a journey unlike anything he's ever faced (like Trump?) - but his retirement (like Trump?) is interrupted by a galactic killer known as Gorr the God Butcher who seeks the extinction of the gods (the malicious leaders of today all over the world trying to butcher those who represent the one true God - Jesus - and all He stands for?) The movie description goes on to say that Thor enlists the help of a KING (Jesus?). Others are involved in helping Thor (that's where we come in with prayer?) There's more, but you get the gist

I believe the "divorce" part of the dream just means that President Trump has totally cut all allegiance to the corrupt government and wicked world leaders and they want him to pay and to shut him up because he knows more than we understand. 

The "imprisonment" part I believe represents they are also trying to frame him and send him to literal prison. If I were to guess, I would say they want to do that so he would be ineligible to run for president in 2024. Isn't it interesting what is happening right now with the incredible injustice surrounding the false account of January 6th at the capitol? It is "trumped" up charges to use to come after Trump. They are desperate and fearful they will be exposed and are using any and all means to come after him and all those who support him.

OUR RESPONSE: So what is our response to this dream? We must pray for President Trumps protection and for God to lead him and give him wisdom about every choice. We must also take authority over spiritual darkness and declare and command chaos and confusion to come to the plans and plots of the enemy concerning President Trump. We pray all evil plans are dismantled, disrupted and destroyed in Jesus' name. We pray for a hedge of protection around President Trump and for him to be given strategies and angelic help to avert wicked schemes against any and all plots to kill or imprison. 

Here is the link to the news article about the Iran plot to kill President Trump: Iran Plot to Kill President Trump



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