Jedi Dream Tip: Interpreting Animals in Dreams

May 03, 2024

Animals in dreams and visions are a common occurrence. While each animal/insect/creature may have it's own specific interpretation, most often animals in dreams represent attitudes and behavior. Either that of the dreamer or that of people in your life you're observing or dealing with.  Evaluate the attitude and behavior of the animal in the dream and ask yourself if you or someone you know is acting like or doing what the animal in the dream is doing. Remember, context is the key and you must keep the symbol in the context it is INSIDE the dream, not your opinions of what you think it should mean. 

My first response to animals in dreams are to look them up to see if they are in the bible and what they mean there. The next thing I do is look them up in an encyclopedia to discover their traits, habitation, issues, etc. It almost always aligns with the the issue at hand and reveals hidden insight. 

Animals can also have a hidden insight. For instance, as I share in my book "Gateway to Dreams," a porcupine held a special interpretation once in a real encounter teaching middle school kids about dreams on career day. One of the children asked about a porcupine. I had absolutely no idea what it would mean and instantly the Holy Spirit revealed that for him it meant "writing"... because porcupines have quills and it can represent a writing quill. In the right context, it could even represent things like quilting or needle work because of the needles on a porcupine. A porcupine may also represent someone who is defensive or difficult to approach. This is where looking in the encyclopedia for their attributes and behavior will be helpful. 

Remember, there are very few absolutes with interpreting symbols. Context is ALWAYS the key. There are usually positive and negative possibilities for a symbol, so be careful not to get stuck in a rut with assumptions of what a symbol means. For instance, in Scripture a lion can represent Jesus (Revelation 5:5) and it also says that satan roams around LIKE a lion (1 Peter 5:8).  

If you really want understanding, don't just look at the what, but also meditate on the why... or why this animal and not another - or why this color and not another. What are they doing in the dream? What should they be doing in the dream? 

We will explore specific animals and more Jedi Dream Tips on how to interpret them in the near future. Let us know what animals you are having in your dreams - if they are good or bad and what the context is and we can cover it on an upcoming FREE Dream Chat on Monday nights via Zoom. All you need to do is be signed up for our email newsletters and you'll receive the link on Mondays. 




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