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The Supernatural Realm

You have entered the supernatural realm of God.  You have a God that is not natural but supernatural and our passion is to expose you to His supernatural nature.

The supernatural realm is actually more real than the natural realm.  The supernatural is eternal, while the natural is temporal.  We will experience a major shift in our life when we begin to realize that we are not human beings living a spiritual life, but that we are created spiritual beings that are living a temporary life as a human. 

When we begin to realize this shift in our perception, we will no longer be the human being that is striving to be spiritual, but we will be released to be the spiritual being that is learning how to live a human experience.

God is, was, and always will be.  He knew us before we came from our mother’s womb.  He knit us together is the secret place and we knew Him and He knew us before we began our life as a human.

The supernatural realm is God’s nature – it’s God’s love.  The natural realm is simply a manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual and supernatural realm of God.  There are no coincidences, there is no happenstance.  God is speaking to everyone all of the time in everything.  The ancient scrolls reveal that all of creation speaks of God and one day we will stand before Him without excuse.  We will not be able to say we didn’t know about Him.

The supernatural realm testifies to the wonder and awe of God and His goodness.  He is a good God ALL of the time, despite what humans may think or perceive or teach.  His ways are above our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  You should take comfort in the fact your God is so big that you cannot understand everything He does and why.  Who would want a God they themselves can figure out?  That would make God very small.   Enjoy your journey into the supernatural and wonderful realm of love…that is, God.  He IS love and He is supernatural!

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