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The Seer Realm

You have entered the realm of the Seer.  This is a divine appointment that will begin to illuminate spiritual mysteries for you.

Most people have never heard of the term “Seer”.  A Seer is very similar to a prophet.  The ancient scrolls of God reveal that seers see and know things that God shows them and they reveal what He is saying to others.  Many times they simply “know” things because they have an experience with God or they will see what God is saying or doing in visions, dreams, circumstances, and events.  They have the ability to understand what God is saying through metaphors and symbolism.

One of the definitions of a seer is one who is able to see things as a result of an experience.  Trances, for example, are experiences.  Seers perceive things and seek to understand what things mean, other than the obvious.  They reveal the purposes for many events and circumstances that happen and what God us saying through them.  They see beyond the natural into the supernatural and spiritual realm.

There is much we want to convey to you regarding The Seer Realm and we will help you discover if you have this gifting and how to not only operate in it, but accelerate in your seer gift.  If you do not have this gifting, you will still benefit by understanding how God uses the gift to communicate and how to tell an authentic seer from a false one.

We will reveal to you how God speaks in symbolism, dark speech, hard sayings, riddles, enigmas, parables, and other spiritual mysteries.  Your spirit will hunger and thirst for more of God as you begin your journey to a deeper realm of His voice.

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