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Dreamology is the study of dreams. This course was written to give everyone hope that they can interpret dreams and understand how God speaks. This course will immerse you into the realm of dream interpretation. It has been uniquely designed to be an interactive experience. You will learn how to quickly asses a dream and its meaning, how to identify who or what the dream is about, and how to respond to the dream. Our goal is to launch you into your own personal journey of dream interpretation and accelerate your spiritual gifting.

  • Show you how and why God speaks in dreams, visions, and other natural and spiritual experiences. 
  • Explore creative ways to interpret a dream to help you find a model that fits your learning style
  • Help you understand how God speaks to you personally
  • Reveal what scripture says about dreams and visions
  • Open up your creative ability to think metaphorically and understand why God speaks this way
  • Discuss dream symbolism in depth, covering over 21 categories
  • Explore multiple ways to journal and catalog your dreams for future reference
  • Help you understand the source of your dreams and how to respond to them
  • Uncover the different types and categories of dreams and their purposes
  • Share a variety of other sources and tools to help you further your study of dream interpretation
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions
  • Allow you to participate in recorded podcasts, webcasts, and webinars
  • Give you an opportunity to practice interpreting in a group environment
  • Connect you with a community of dreamers from all over for future study groups and dream teams
  • Accelerate your spiritual gifting
  • Unveil the supernatural element of dreams, visions, and spiritual experiences

Join us LIVE on Tuesday evenings at 7:00p.m. EDT. for a FREE interactive training experience at http://www.livestream.com/dreamology. Each episode is archived so you are able to watch if you miss the live Dream Stream.

Registration is not necessary, but FREE study guides are sent to those who are registered with us. To register, click here: REGISTER NOW

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