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About Teresa Ward

Teresa Ward has been a prolific dreamer since childhood – dreaming all night, every night. When she discovered an ancient Hebraic model of dream interpretation and began to study dreams, it propelled her into her destiny as she realized God had been speaking to her all her life through dreams, visions and symbolism. Her purpose and passion is to share how God speaks to EVERYONE in a myriad of ways people may not be aware of and help them unlock how God personally speaks to them. Her purpose is to propel others into theirs!

Teresa studied dream interpretation from April of 2003, until June of 2007, with an international ministry that focuses on dream interpretation. While associated with them, she became a certified instructor and a certified dream interpreter. She also participated with Dream Teams at various events such as conferences and the Super Bowl.

Teresa often has God speak to her in her dreams, revealing to her how to interpret them and what things mean. She has personally documented and interpreted over 20,000 dreams since 2003 and has discovered hidden keys and mysteries of how to interpret not only dreams and visions, but numerous other experiences, circumstances, and events. God has released, commissioned and commanded her to share this revelation and to release others into their destiny. God revealed to her she is a "Destiny Fulfillment Coordinator" - who says God isn't funny!

The ministry God gave her in 2007, Above & Beyond, is based on Ephesians 3:20 in the ancient Hebraic scrolls. The mission is to empower people to aspire higher… to believe that God will go “Above & Beyond” all they can ask or imagine. It's also to take people “Above & Beyond” into the supernatural realm of God’s love and experience Him in tangible and powerful ways that bring eternal change and propel them into a realm of hope and expectation for their future.

Teresa is an ordained minister and offers seminars, workshops, spiritual acceleration courses, special events, retreats, and is a conference speaker, in addition to providing this website to equip people in their spiritual gifts. She also hosts a weekly group of people in her home who believe in the supernatural power of God. This group is called "The Surge" - Their mission is to plug people into the Source and experience a Surge of His love and power. Teresa also participates with numerous other leaders in her area to bring unity and to share the love of God.

She has been married to her husband Jeff for over 22 years and resides near Charleston, South Carolina, with her two teenage boys, Brandon and Logan.